4 Piece Professional Live Music Wedding & Function Band for Hire

YOUR PRIVATE PARTY - Birthdays, Anniversaries, Barmitzvahs / Bat-mitzvahs, Summer Balls and Garden Parties

CandyStripes deliver the highest standard musicianship, with extensive experience of live performance, every one a talented musician in their own right, producing a full and authentic rock and pop sound.  Hannah is a charasmatic and dynamic lead singer, also fronting the band along with two strong male lead vocalists - Al (lead guitarist) and Rob (bass player).  This gives CandyStripes a unique and strong selling point, as they can deliver both male and female lead songs, plus full harmonies and backing vocals throughout the live sets.


The band will arrive at your venue at 6pm, unless specifically booked to arrive at an earlier time, and will be set up by 6.45-7pm with the background / party music starting the night off and creating the party atmosphere ready for your guests to arrive, building up to the evening's LIVE entertainment!

FREE DISCO!! The band will also provide party & background music to be played before, in between and after their live sets via iTunes on a MacBook Pro for no extra charge, keeping your party in full swing in between the live sets. This music will be played through the band's PA system, plus the use of the band's dance floor lighting for your party - saving you the hassle of booking a separate DJ!  We compile playlists on iTunes which are regularly updated, the same sort of music a DJ would provide. This is not a 'manned' service with requests, and is operated via the laptop as mentioned above.

If you book within 7 days of your initial quote, we will upgrade this to a manned DJ service, taking requests in between and after the live music sets!!

If you would like a specific playlist for the 'in between' music, you are more than welcome to bring your own playlists on CD /ipod/MP3 player with you if you wish, which we can plug into our PA.

If the band's final live music set finishes before midnight (e.g. 11.30pm), the ipod/CD music will be provided up to 12-midnight (or 1am if you have booked for a 1am finish time, extra fee applies).

You are also very welcome to request a few favourite songs from CandyStripes' full SONG LIST if you wish, please provide approx 4 weeks' notice for any songs with an *.

Requesting songs for the live music is optional, and we always advise that it's generally best to leave the band the freedom to tailor the live sets as they play every week and know what songs work to keep the party alive, reading the audience on the night and keeping the dance floor full!


The band will discuss the timings of the night with you and agree on a good time to get the live music started for your party or event.  It's usually best to start with the disco and get the live music started around 9 - 9.30pm for a full and lively dance floor!!

Our show consists of 2 x 1 hour (or 3 x 40 minute) sets from a wide range of popular rock, indie, pop  & dance music - from 1950s rock 'n' roll to 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, 2000s & 2010s inlcuding artists such as The Beatles, Kings of Leon, Bruno Mars, Daft Punk, Elbow, The Killers, Rolling Stones, Michael Jackson, Snow Patrol, Rihanna and many more!
We can provide an extra 30 minutes of live music (Fee of £100 applies). If you are having a 1am finish and extra 30 minutes of live music we can incorporate a discount on the extra fees.

See Us Play Live!
Being a private party, wedding and function band, CandyStripes play very few public gigs, but if you're interested to see the band play live before booking then you are very welcome to attend one of their public gigs - please feel free to ask Hannah (via the contact us form) of the dates and venues.  Alternatively, the band are happy to invite prospective clients to see them in action at a band rehearsal - ideal if the timing or location of the public gigs might be an issue.
Be aware, if you wait too long to see us live before you book us - we'll probably get booked in the mean time.  

The Band's Equipment
CandyStripes use a 2600 watt full range PA system to cater for audiences of up to 600 people, which provides you with a full and balanced sound.  This equipment is suitable for a huge range of audience sizes, from under 100 guests up to a large venue with 600. The band also provide a complete professional lighting display consisting of 8 x LED stage lights with built-in sound-to-light controllers, 3 x Prolight LED Colour Burst Up Lighters & 1 x LED flower to light the band and dance floor.

The Band's Image
CandyStripes will dress in smart casual for most occasions, always well presented and stylish at the same time! For corporate and black tie events they will dress more formally. Occasionally we play a Fancy Dress themed party and will join in if the client wishes!

Hannah singing / dancing with a guest in Fancy Dress at Chalfont St Giles Tennis Club, Hertfordshire. #liveband #livemusic #summerball

Hannah singing / dancing with a guest in Fancy Dress at Chalfont St Giles Tennis Club, Hertfordshire. #liveband #livemusic #summerball

Please feel free to email us if you have any questions regarding your event and the requirements of having a live band.