4 Piece Professional Live Music Wedding & Function Band for Hire

Hannah - Lead vocals

"I can't believe such a big voice came out of such a tiny person!" ... is one of Hannah's frequently heard comments!

A versatile, accomplished and charismatic singer Hannah has trained in many vocal styles whilst performing on stage with rock bands and in Musical theatre for the last decade. Gigs are always well remembered and enjoyed through the high-energy performance she brings to every show.

Hannah is also an actress, and her work includes CBBC's 'Dick & Dom's Funny Business', BBC3's comedy 'The Pranker', Josie in 'Eastenders', Fran in 'Casualty', MTV's comedy series 'Flash Prank' and more.
Hannah has worked with David Jason, Ian Dury, Stephan Dennis and Jim Sturgess. Hannah's personal website is: 

Recent exciting news in Hannah's household is that her son Elliot is starring in BBC3 sitcom, 'Uncle', which just finished its 2nd series!!

She delights in her job with CandyStripes as lead singer and fronting the band. Hannah also enjoys songwriting, dancing and teaching Pilates.

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Rob - Bass / lead and backing vocals


Rob is the bass player in CandyStripes.  He provides excellent vocals for CandyStripes with his husky Gallagher-esque voice, singing various lead vocals and backing harmonies therefore giving the band a full and pleasing sound.

He has played in several originals bands and is a prolific and talented songwriter having written several hunderd songs and recorded 5 albums of his own. 
You can listen to Rob's songs on Myspace.

Al - Lead Guitar / lead & backing vocals

Al is a creative and dynamic guitarist, originally trained in Classical & Jazz – alongside this, his true roots belong to rock!  Being a devoted player for 20 years, he has played over 1000 gigs in various originals and covers bands in the UK, also playing bass for one of these.

Al provides excellent lead and backing vocals in CandyStripes.

Currently Al is writing and composing his own songs in his studio to build up a catalogue of work… Most recently working on instrumentals in the jazz vibe.
“I’m trying out different styles, sounds & production… when I do the rock stuff I really get into vocal harmonies, which is something CandyStripes are really good at!”

When Al is not gigging with CandyStripes, he teaches lead guitar and is a member of The Registry of Guitar Tutors.

Gareth - Drums


Gareth is an exceptional and passionate drummer who is able to play for any occasion. His experience as a drummer spans over 20 years and has been with CandyStripes since the beginning.  He has also enjoyed drumming for originals bands, including recording songs and videos.

In addition to the band he is a Drum teacher, living and working in Northamptonshire - and has his own Drums Tuition wesbite: