4 Piece Professional Live Music Wedding & Function Band for Hire

CandyStripes are all individual members of the Musician's Union

We have Public Liability Insurance for £10 Million and our equipment is fully PAT tested annually.  We can provide all relevant documentation & certificates if you require them.


Q:    Can we request a certain song to be played for the first dance at our wedding?

A:    Yes. If you would like CandyStripes to play your chosen song, they are more than happy to do this, given reasonable notice for rehearsal.  Alternatively, the band are happy to play a CD supplied by yourselves for the first dance.


Q:    How long do the band play for?

A:    CandyStripes provide 2 hours of live music.  This is ideally 2 x 1 hour sets, but can also be spread over 3 x 40 minute sets - timing is flexible on the night of the performance.  If the client wishes CandyStripes to play for a longer period, a fee can be agreed on for the extra time.


Q:    What technical information do we need to know before the band arrives?

A:    CandyStripes require 13 amp power supply preferably with two or more plug sockets, but they can work with one socket.  All the band's equipment is PAT tested.


Q:    What does the band provide for a wedding / function?

A:    The band is a self contained unit - they provide the professional 2600 watt PA equipment, full lighting display and a laptop/ipod for music in between sets, etc (if required we provide party music before, in between sets and afterwards at no extra charge, which means you do not need to pay for a DJ).


Q:    What type of music does the band play?

A:    Rock, Pop, indie & Disco music from present day back to the 1950s.  (Please feel free to look at our set list page for more information)


Q:    How much room do Candystripes need to set-up?

A:    If you are providing a platform stage, the minimum space required is: 4m wide X 3m deep (13ft X 11ft).  However if you have only floor space CandyStripes can fit into most areas.


Q:    Do we need to provide anything else for the band on the night?

A:    Yes.  To play at an evening function, with a typical set-up time of 6.00pm and a Midnight finish, the musicians will probably leave home in the early afternoon and will not be back until 2.00 or 3.00am. These times may even be extended where more travel is involved or where there is an early set-up or late finish. This means that musicians will typically be away from home for 12 hours or more, and this is why they need something fairly substantial to eat to keep them going.  Please see below for further details in the 'hiring your live band' section.

Booking a live band - All you need to know


1. Confirm with the venue that you can have a band

An important point obviously, and you should discuss the type of band you’re hiring. Some venues share facilities with other businesses (such as a museums or galleries) and may have a limit on volume so as not to disturb them. Party bands are by nature lively and require a certain volume level to achieve a good dynamic performance. 

If the venue advise that volume may be an issue, you should first speak with us to discuss how this may effect your options. Once this initial consultation with your venue is complete, get a contact name and number to pass on to CandyStripes so that they can speak with the venue once booking contracts are exchanged.

2. Confirm how much space is required

If you have plenty of room and the venue has a dedicated area in which to position the band, you should ask the venue if they prefer the band to arrive and set up prior to the meal/ prior to guests arriving.  It may be that if your event involves a sit down meal and space is limited, you’ll require that the room is re-arranged after the meal to remove tables, and make sufficient space for the band. This is common practice and the venues will also use this time to lay down a dance floor in front of the band.

As mentioned in the FAQs, CandyStripes require approx 4 meters wide x 3 meters deep. They will have PA speakers positioned either side and in front of them, with lighting equipment stands either side or over the top of the performance area.

3. Dance floor

Check that your venue provides an adequately sized dance floor if you plan to be dancing. CandyStripes will get all your audience up and dancing so a good sized dance floor is essential. 

4. The band's food and drink ryder
Don't forget, the band are only human! They may have travelled quite far to be with you, they will have to carry equipment and unload, set-up their performance area and sound check... and this is before they are expected to give the performance of their lives... which, of course they will! 

With this in mind, treat them well.  Please make sure that they are adequately provided for by food, soft drinks and tea, coffee, etc.

The most convenient option is for the act to eat at the venue, where they can be on hand to see how things are progressing. They would not necessarily expect to be served the food you are serving your guests, as we realise this can be very expensive, but equally a plate of sandwiches is not going to be adequate. We suggest some bar-style meal (such as chicken and chips) or even something microwaved. If it is not possible for meals to be provided at the venue, most acts are willing to accept a meal allowance of around £10 per head, in order for them to get their own food at a nearby pub. Eating from a buffet during one of their breaks is generally neither a popular nor practical option for most acts, as this puts them under excessive time pressure to eat quickly and start playing again. 
Also, make sure that they have somewhere to prepare themselves so that they can look their best. Check with the venue to ensure they have somewhere to change and relax before they take to the stage. 

5. Loading in equipment

Check in advance that the band has easy access to the function room. Huge flights of stairs and very long corridors make loading in time increase to the point that your event schedule could be seriously affected. 

If the band cannot park and unload their equipment within 50 yards of the room, or if they must carry equipment up more than one flight of stairs, please ask the venue to provide trolleys and specialist lifting equipment as required. Alternatively, please arrange with the venue that several strong male members of the venue staff are made available to help the band load in.
If lifts are to be used to move equipment, please have the venue arrange that they are to be used exclusively by the band for the period required to finish loading in and out. Some busy venues can have lift systems which take 20 minutes or more to return, pushing the band way off schedule for setting up.

6. Finish times

You’ll need to discuss with your venue what time your event must finish at. This must be confirmed with the band when you book. Most venues are only licensed for entertainment until 12pm, however CandyStripes are happy to play until 1am for an extra £100.  (Early set-up time fees also apply - fees vary depending on arrival times).

It is usual for a band to perform 1 - 2 encores but much beyond this could be breaking the terms of the venues entertainment licence.  If your audience are screaming for more and the venue allows, CandyStripes have been known to play 3 encores!

7. Summary

The process of booking a band is really easy and your event will be all the more enjoyable for you, the venue and the band if the above advice is taken on board.

To summarise your final check list you should ensure you have discussed the following with your venue:
Inform them you’re having a band - CandyStripes - and the type of band (4 piece live rock/pop band).
Confirm how much space the band need and where they will be positioned.
Confirm the venue can provide a dance floor or suitable dancing surface.
Ensure adequate electricity supply in the venue for band.
Confirm the band's arrival time with the venue and how long they’ll require to set up.
Check that the band has easy access from their cars to the function room. If not arrange that the venue provides suitable trolleys or extra helpers to carry heavy equipment.
Ensure the venue can provide the band with a changing room and that the room will have comfortable seating if the band are to wait around for more than 60 minutes.
Ensure that the venue or outside caterers can provide the bands ryder, and are aware that the band leader will liaise with them on arrival - and that all bar/restaurant staff are aware that the band have a ryder.
Confirm bands finish time with the venue.

Pass on the band's contact number and name to the venue so they can establish communication if required.

Many thanks from CandyStripes